Mobile messaging APIs and integrations for developers

Quickly and easily create powerful solutions for your team with our flexible API solutions.

Developer benefits

Available in the language your platform uses

Whether your application is in PHP or C++, Swift or R, it’s easy to integrate our platform thanks to our APIs. Whether you need to send bulk SMS based on an event on your platform, or more complex single SMS messages or multichannel interactions, our platform makes it easy to achieve what you want to do.

Great documentation

The key to great software is great documentation. We’ve been tweaking ours for nearly 15 years, meaning you will never run into an issue you can’t find the solution to. What’s more, because we use the platform ourselves, we are some of the biggest users of our own documentation, meaning we appreciate its importance.

Always there support

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to find the information you’re looking for; not because it doesn’t exist, but because it can be difficult to put the problem into words. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a UK-based team of developer relations staff – reachable by phone and email – who can help you identify the solution to any of your problems.


We take the security of your data incredibly seriously – in fact, it’s one of the cornerstones of our business. From tried and trusted security procedures to proactive threat reduction, our team is always on the lookout for ways to make our platform even more secure. That’s why we are trusted by the UK government and many of the world’s top banks and financial institutions as their suppliers.

Easy to develop integrations

We know that different projects have varied budgets and time constraints. That’s why we offer several ways to develop solutions based on our platform. That’s just one of the reasons over 100,000 developers have built integrations using our platform.


Our well-documented and battle-tested API is relied on by many of the world’s biggest companies and household names. We support all languages, including PHP, .NET, C#, Java, Python and Ruby and often you only need to configure two parameters to send a message making it easy to build integrations that start making a difference to your employees and customers’ experience with your brand.


Leveraging the power of the IMIconnect API, you can quickly and easily create integrations with a number of messaging platforms, often with very little coding required. The API allows you to build integrations between your systems – such as click and collect – and SMS, social media, and instant messaging platforms without the need to worry about keeping up to date with their API changes.


Integrate your platform and tools in a matter of minutes with 100s of off-the-shelf integrations, from Facebook Ads through to Xero. Ideal if you have a smaller budget or less time than needed to integrate directly with our API or IMIconnect.

Want to understand how our API works? Check out our developer docs.

Here are some ways you can use our APIs

Send SMS online

From single sends to SMPP, we can help you to communicate with your customers instantly and receive instant delivery receipts. All via our online platform or through our APIs.

Email to SMS

Send instant, personalised text messages - including PDF attachments - from any email client with our Email to SMS gateway. The service also allows you to create quick integrations with any online form, including those of many popular online tools and CMSs.

Two Factor Authentication

Leverage the power of one-time passwords to add two-factor authentication easily, quickly and securely to your platform. Our API makes it easy to add unique codes to your mobile messaging channels.

Still got questions? Get in touch with our pre-sales team to find out more about how our APIs can help your business1.

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