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Click and collect integrations

Are customer services and ops asking for messaging to be integrated with your click and collect platform?

Integral systems like click and collect are making it more appealing than ever for customers to choose to shop with your business. As the team responsible for integrating these into your business, it can be a logistical nightmare to keep them up to date, with the multiple APIs that are in use. Our messaging platform gives you a single API to integrate with and a development team to support you, ensuring the platform manages all of the key tasks you have.

Security via messaging

Do you face challenges in securing critical infrastructure from lost and compromised passwords?

Today’s passwords can be long and hard to remember, which often result in people reusing them. With people often the weakest link in the chain when it comes to security, it can really pay to implement additional layers of protection. 2FA via SMS and email can help provide your business with a simple and effective way to harden your process and systems. This is especially viable when remote locations are in play.

Over-reliance on legacy systems

Is your business reliant on systems that cannot integrate with back-office systems and digital messaging channels?

With the recent explosion in digital messaging platforms, many retailers find themselves still using proprietary systems within department silos. Our solutions drive digital transformation without replacing existing systems. Central management of channels and integrations allows customer interactions to be designed alongside business processes, delivering true end-to-end digital customer engagement.

Embed multichannel into key customer processes

Are you aware of new digital channels, but don't understand how to build them into your customer journeys?

The smartphone and new messaging channels have led to many retailers falling behind time in terms of customer expectations. Our solutions allow you to stay at the forefront of customer engagement and provide a central hub for embedding omnichannel communications into digital processes and applications.


of consumers get frustrated in the absence of convenient interaction methods.

Discover how modern mobile messaging channels can deliver results that you and your customers will love.



of customers feel updates delivered by SMS are the most useful type of text message.

Be where your customers are, from a single dashboard





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Still not convinced? Here’s some of the ways you can use our platform…

Live chat

Enable your customer service teams to carry out their work with tools that best suit their requirements. Reduce inbound complaints and redefine the customer experience in real-time.


Allow your customer service and marketing colleagues to send internal notifications with ease, notifying them of critical down alerts, store closures and extreme weather conditions etc.

Easy integration

Need to move quickly adopting a new technology? Accelerate service creation using a low code approach to development and integration. Rapidly create workflows between your business and customers.

Delivery updates

Seamlessly integrate our flexible API with your businesses back-end systems to send real-time notifications informing your customers at each stage of their deliveries journey.

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