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User Journeys

Are you struggling to reach and retain customers as they move across multiple platforms and devices?

Due to an ever-increasing set of available digital channels, the challenge for both online and offline retailers is to reach and engage with their consumers. It’s no longer enough to engage through just a single channel. Fortunately, our messaging solutions make it easy for marketers to utilise cross channel messaging and create personalised user journeys in all online environments. Creating engaging communications is simple with us.

Flexible Propositions

Are you finding it difficult to adapt your proposition to reach the mobile consumer?

With the widespread adoption of smartphones, consumer mobility is changing the retail landscape. Today’s consumer is using their phone to communicate, but more often, browse, price check and buy online. Retailers need to offer seamless customer journeys, to capitalise on this shift, and deliver great experiences. Our intelligent messaging solutions enable data collection across every touchpoint and automate communications within personalised customer journeys.


Has GDPR affected the size of your mailing list, making it harder to reach customers?

We know how important it is to drive marketing message opt-in's. Our messaging platforms make it easy to ensure GDPR compliance while giving you powerful tools to reach more engaged customers than ever before. Make sure your business is generating engaged audience's in the correct and legally viable manner.

Easy Integrations

Do you wish your messaging platform integrated more easily with other marketing tools?

It can be frustrating when the tools you rely on aren't designed to communicate with each other easily, meaning you have to split tasks across platforms. We know your pain because we experience it too. That’s why we’ve made our platform easy to integrate with hundreds of tools marketers rely on every day, like marketing automation, CRMs, email and analytics.


of people want to receive discounts and offers via SMS.

Discover how multichannel mobile messaging will deliver results that you and your customers will love.



of online customers today are multi-channel using 5.6 channels on average.

Be where your customers are, from a single dashboard





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Still not convinced? Here’s some other ways you could be using our platforms...


Track orders across the supply chain, from warehouse to final fulfilment, automating the delivery of multi-channel communications to keep customers up-to-date in real-time.


Advanced automation and mobile-first capabilities, such as location-aware messaging, can be quickly weaved into marketing workflows, to engage customers at the perfect moment.


Abandoned basket rates are as high as 65%, so it’s important to explore any channel that can help reduce this. Mobile messaging is now at the forefront of driving sales completions.


Let customers know your business is offering discounts in advance, giving them the opportunity to opt-in to exclusive pre-sales and offers via a keyword on a chosen shortcode.

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