The Textlocal Story

Since 2005, over 165,000 users have sent more than one billion messages using our online platforms and enterprise solutions. From a simple text message through to bespoke end-to-end customer experiences – we’ve developed an abundance of features suited to every industry, however big or small.

About Us

Who we are

Our name might have local in it, but we’re a global company with operations across Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. We are trusted by many of the biggest household names around the world.

Chances are, you use some of our clients every day. Textlocal has grown significantly year on year and in 2014, we became part of IMImobile PLC, an international telecoms company that works with many of the top 250 organisations in the UK and around the world. Together, the group have a global presence in delivering multichannel solutions across digital channels of communication.

What we do

We help businesses of all sizes, from your local window cleaner and electrician to some of the world’s largest banks, retailers and insurers. All of them rely on our solutions and APIs to give them the ability to deliver messages across multiple platforms and channels, suited to the needs of their customers.

How we do it

What’s our secret? We listen to what our customers want and deliver them the best solution possible. That’s it! Our UK-based development team works hard every day to make sure that our platform does what our customers need, and does it reliably.

As a group, we continuously strive to offer innovative messaging solutions that solve the key problems businesses of all sizes face in the digital marketplace. Over the last two years, we have introduced several new platforms, integrations and solutions, all built to help businesses successfully connect with their mobile customer base.

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